Dreamlog 18


On the Train to Lleida 02

Stalker / Drawing from Tarkovsky film

Stalker / Drawing from Tarkovsky film

Death’s End

Cyanotype collage (seahorse)

Cyanotype collage (jellyfish)

Ultramarine 01

Ultramarine 02

In Vacuum

Polar Night

The Déjà Vu of the Ex-rabbit

Water Marsh

Snowstorm Festival

The Discovery of a Mouldy Sushi

3 A.M.





Ink doodles

The Fourth Monkey

Mirror World

Autumn Forest

In the Storm

Lost Planets

Bubble in Space

Dots and Lines

Frosted Glass

Sand Worms Coming out at Night

Faces 01

Faces 02

Into the Deep

Target after Bath

Tree and Fruit

Potted Plant

Coral Blue

Tree in Madrid

Misty Landscape